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RegulusNSFW's News

Posted by RegulusNSFW - March 25th, 2022


SpunkStock v0.13 Here!

Heyo everyone! v0.13 has just been released for patrons! Eran is here with her main scene, and an alternate scene for her. The new zone is quite bare bones right now, but will fill out with each build to come.

v0.12 is currently available for free here on Newgrounds as well, try it out if you haven't already! ^^.




  • New Character/Boss: Eran
  • Eran's alternate tentacle scene 
  • New Cali comic (Simply ask Cali for it post-endurance)


  • New zone (Still under construction) 
  • Unique Sandbox options in Eran's scene for lighting 
  • Samga will now appear in the new area upon completion 
  • Nerf: Needle will now diminish it's value with each stack. 
  • Buff: Glass will now cut significantly less when missing. 
  • Nammi sneak peeks. 

Bug fixes: 

  • Fixed bug where comics would open with last viewed page instead of first page 
  • Nitros and Hold combo should no longer cause random misses. (for real this time)
  • The samga pin up that never saved, will now save (upon the next time saving) 
  • Multiplier should now update properly up rounds restarting in endurance/bosses.



Posted by RegulusNSFW - October 5th, 2021


As you may have seen here on Newgrounds. Boba comes with her exhibition arc in full public access.

Play on Newgrounds!

v0.7 Changelog:


  • New Character: Boba 
  • New Modifiers: Ghost, Guardian 
  • New Game Arc: Boba Exhibition Arc 
  • Pica Endurance 
  • New Campsite Menu arrangement/settings
  • Secret Boba Alt Hscene 


  • Option to darken Hscene to focus on gameplay 
  • note added to shop to clarify S and SS tokens are not spent 
  • Added visual for Glass's state when in game 
  • Added a "Perfect" Combo counter 
  • Reputation window in the shop is now separated between Pinups and Quest items 
  • WebGL builds will now have a default offset to make up for natural browser input lag.
  • Last section of the electric floor section of the platformer has been removed 
  • Added a spawn checkpoint in electric floor section 

Bug fixes: 

  • Pica's climax animation has proper sound again 
  • Endurance modes will no longer end early 
  • Fixed a bug where "Glass" would initialize in an already broken state.
  • Fixed a bug where dialogue would sometimes transfer between scenes.

Patreons also get access to Mei (the shopkeeper!). Mei comes with 2 completely unique Hscenes. Her main scene, and an another.

Access Mei on Patreon here!

I want to take a minute to cover what our outline for the game is as well.

SpunkStock will continue to see monthly updates as it has been until v0.11, or v0.12. Upon finishing this stage, the public, free demo will be completed. The demo consists of a huge chunk of the game. Once it is completed, we will enter the last stage of the game.

During the last stage of the game, our flow of development will be changing. Builds will still become available as characters complete on Patreon, and upon completion of the full game, the plan is that it will be sold on Steam and itch. The current objective beyond the free demo is to have 4 "boss" characters, and additional Hcontent for each character. These boss characters will be much more in depth than the current characters, and present unique aspects to their songs. I will share more as that time gets closer.

With that in place, I'm going to mention that v0.9 has started development, and the featured character is Yu. Yu is Mei's sister. You will just have to wait and see what her build brings though ;)


Finally to close everything out. The final 2 characters that will be featured in the public demo after Mei, and Yu, will be Fufu and Ayra.


Polls for these 2 char currently ongoing. Get on Patreon now to help determine who will be coming in v0.10.

Thank you all for your support! Development of SpunkStock has been a great experience, and I hope you all continue to enjoy it in the future!


SpunkStock's Twitter

SpunkStock's Discord Server


Posted by RegulusNSFW - September 2nd, 2021


v0.6's Public build brings Ruth! It is out right now here on newgrounds, on Itch.io, and GameJolt.

v0.6 Changelog:


  • New Character: Ruth
  • New Modifiers: Ritual, Doom
  • Future Fragments portraits have been updated
  • Missing a note will now remove progress
  • New Title screen
  • New Loading screens
  • All current modifiers now display in-game, and summarize on score screen
  • Added an "HP" upgrade in the shop for the Platform section. This will give 5 HP in total.
  • Boba sneak peeks.


  • Fixed a bug where you could select cards in other tiers before it was actually on that tier.
  • Platform section received some janky animation fixes
  • Platform audio triggers were adjusted, so some SFX are less sloppy.
  • Platform colliders were slightly adjusted to make things a lil more accurate.
  • Fixed a bug where Faye's mouth side would go super fast after being paused.
  • Added text after tutorial completion, mentioning that there is a "Fast Travel" system via menu
  • Barrier Icon now properly disappears when song completes.
  • fixed a bug where "progress bar" would sometimes trigger modifiers before the game even started.
  • Fixed a bug where "Manual Sync" would have no sound on PC/Download version.

Play on Newgrounds

v0.7 can be access from patreon with it's own changelog. (v0.7 public build will come next month)


Support on Patreon

Progress Updates on Twitter

Hang out on the Discord Server




Thanks everyone and I hope you enjoy!



Posted by RegulusNSFW - August 23rd, 2021


Hey everyone! There's some exciting news. I'll cover a few things here.

Spunkstock is part of a game bundle on itch.io with many other amazing devs!

Check Out the Bundle Here

You may recognize many of these games, along with some great new talent. You can download the bundle, or if you are looking for a way to support the devs, you can choose to pay what you want to help fund the games' development! It's crazy to be part of a bundle with so many devs I've looked up to.

The bundle will run for another 26 days, so come check us out while you can ^^.

On another note:

Let's talk about what our character lineup in the near future is looking like.

Right now v0.5 brought Cali, and Faye.

Next update is v0.6. It will come on the first (Just over a week away!) It will bring Ruth, and her metal theme.


The following month is v0.7 which will bring Boba. (This one is currently being worked on)


and finally v0.8's poll has concluded. The character who will be featured it one you are all familiar with. Mei the Shopkeeper!


If you want to be part of the polls for choosing the characters, come check out our Patreon. If you want to support in other ways the bundle would be a great way to support our game, and many others! Thank you all so much for staying with us on this journey. I'll catch you guys on the 1st with the public launch of v0.6, and Ruth!



Posted by RegulusNSFW - August 2nd, 2021


Hey everyone! This was a busy build for me, and I hope you all enjoy it!



  • New Game Type: Platformer
  • New Character: Cali (Endurance included)
  • New Character: Faye (Endurance NOT included)
  • New Modifiers: Precision, Gravity, Barrier
  • New Comic: Cali's Vol.1 comic.


  • Needle has been re balanced to add a flat rate. (Stacking isn't as strong)
  • Fixed bug involving changing scenes from the menu.
  • Modifier cut-ins and barks will now appear a layer behind the play area in Hscenes.

This build features a cross over with Future Fragments. You will get a chance to have a rather unique scene with Faye from their game.


Give it a go, and let me know what you all think :)


Support on Patreon




Thank you all!



Posted by RegulusNSFW - July 9th, 2021

Hey everyone! I have started uploading the OST onto Youtube. For now there is just Samga's Theme, and an Uncut version of the Main Theme. I'll be uploading more as the months goes on.


Posted by RegulusNSFW - July 1st, 2021




  • New Character: Yoni(Endurance included)
  • New Modifiers: Fission, Mine
  • New manual sync option(accessed through menu in overworld)
  • Save Codes (can cross between PC and browser)


  • Game works on more fullscreen resolutions
  • Samga's boobs are bigger in H-scene
  • Percentage in scorescreen now rounds to xx.xx%
  • Various optimizations
  • Some new UI
  • Facial expressions for "Insert" and "Climax" do not inherit sandbox setting

Save Codes can be used to carry saves between sites/browsers, to the PC build, and to future game builds. The Save codes are still in a rather experimental states, so it may be subject to changes in the future.

Manual Sync is there to hopefully fix any issues people may have with input delays.

I hope everyone enjoys the new build, and Yoni.


Posted by RegulusNSFW - May 27th, 2021




  • New Character: Toto
  • New Modifiers: Glass, Mini
  • New Game Type: Endurance Mode (exclusive to Toto at the moment)
  • Climax animations for all 3 characters.
  • New Keybind feature
  • Fast Travel for all characters
  • Additional pin-ups in the shop
  • You can now enter the shop. Which has a new character(currently has no dialogue or H-scenes)
  • You no longer "spend" tokens when purchasing S and SS rewards. You just need to reach the requirement.(This is so S and SS rewards can change every build, and data can transfer to future builds without conflict on spent resources.) PS: Data will not save between Newgrounds builds at the moment, however the next version introduces save codes.


  • An outline appears on buttons selected by keyboard.
  • Tempo, Double, and Sap have been re-balanced to fit Endurance Mode.
  • Choosing "Quit" in song now brings you out in front of the girl, not at the Campsite.
  • Tents are now colored, and have a sign out front representing the resident.
  • An option to skip to Toto has been temporarily added due to data not transferring from v0.2
  • Added a system for randomized modifiers.(Toto only)

Hope you all enjoy this build! Thanks for everyone's support.


Posted by RegulusNSFW - May 19th, 2021

Hello everyone! The patreon poll has concluded so it's time for an update for all you lovely people.

I'll give a brief rundown on what the next public builds are, and what their estimated schedule looks like:

June 1st - Toto Build(v0.3)

July 1st - Yoni Build(v0.4)

August 1st - Cali Build(v0.5)

Yoni coming in (v0.4)


The winner of the poll, and the character coming in v0.5 is Cali:


I hope you are all as excited as I am about the upcoming releases :D. Development has been a blast so far, and I hope you all enjoy what's to come! See you all on the Toto release!



Posted by RegulusNSFW - May 4th, 2021

Hey everyone! I'll get straight to the point on some brief points on our status now that people have had the chance to play v0.2. The public build of v0.3 will bring quite a few things along with the character: Toto. There will be a build released every single month(as I may have mentioned before). This means that v0.3 public build is not that far off (approx. 3-4 weeks). v0.3 is however currently available to patrons right now!


Toto's Patreon Build.

From last post, I talked about the vote for April, and it was concluded that Yoni will be the featured character in v0.4. Her music will be inspired by Synthwave. Here are some early concepts:iu_296868_8778616.png

Yoni's build is currently in development and will come the month after Toto's build.

Today the poll for v0.5's character has started as well!iu_296867_8778616.png

As usual, each character will represent their own genre of music.

Ruth: Metal

Boba: "Kawaii" Metal

Cali: Electroswing.

Vote on v0.5 Character!


SpunkStock has been growing at an alarming rate, and I can't thank you all enough. Every day I feel like I'm able to get up with a clear goal in mind. As I've said before, just by playing the game you make my day better! Thank you all for your feedback and support. Catch you guys on v0.3 ;).

All art provided by AmHidden

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